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My Pursuit of Happiness

Life rarely happens the way we plan it.    


I was interviewing a girl the other day who said she had a five-year plan when she entered college. She wanted to become either an OBGYN or a nurse and pursue a career as an obstetrician or head nurse administrator. She planned to accomplish this by the time she reached her mid twenties. Now, at 27, she’s a personal trainer and fitness event coordinator. She just started her own business a year ago, and she’s taking training to the next level by educating the community about the importance of health and fitness. Her story is very inspiring to me because, although not in her initial plan, she loves what she does and she’s changing lives along the way.    

My Story:    

That has always been my goal: to love what I do and make a difference in the lives of others. My initial plan: major in Journalism and Psychology and write for a magazine if I pursued Journalism or open my own private practice working with children if I pursued Psychology. Either way, I’d be fulfilling my passions: writing and helping others. That was nearly seven years ago when I started college.    

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