About Ciara

Hello Readers and welcome to my blog!

A little about me… I am currently studying for my Masters in counseling. Although I love the idea of helping others therapeutically, truth be told, I’m a writer at heart (I’ve just been on a hiatus lately).  I owe my love for writing to my mom who introduced me to it when I was younger. Back then, it was a way for me to channel my energy and emotions. Since then, I’ve written for newspapers, pr, magazines, and blogs. I’ve also done a few TV segments. During my free time I enjoy other forms of writing (poetry, journaling, etc.). Writing allows me to tell stories – other people’s stories as well as my own.

This is my first personal blog, and my goal is to help others – even if it’s just one person – through my writing.

I love to write, and I’m ready to share my stories – myself – with others. I hope you enjoy reading and constructive feedback is always welcome!

~ Ciara Walker
visit: http://www.apoea.org/clwalker


4 thoughts on “About Ciara

  1. Hi !! This is shenika that worked at belk, in accessories ! Lol .wow I had no idea of what you had gone through …. You are such a sweet person. Keep up the good work!

  2. You are such a wonderful writer!!!! I love to read what you have done so I can’t wait to get all of your thoughts on here. Your passion can really be seen in all of your writings! I love it!!! Your wonderful personality will shine for so many on here!!! Love you girl

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